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We currently offer solutions based on Microsoft’s SharePoint / MOSS platform. This could be a simple out of box solution or a more complex customized solutions based on the Sharepoint or MOSS platforms. The power of SharePoint / MOSS is huge and understanding the same and aligning the product to your objectives is a complex task. This is our expertise …. and we can help you set up SharePoint to be used as a central system for either knowledge processing or as an intranet portal so that every employee in the organisation is benefitted from the processes and facilities offered at a central location.

Usually companies set up processes but without the right (read powerful) system to support a process, usually people resist and fall back to their habits thus defeating the objective. It is a challenge to provide a robust solution and do right kind of training to ensure that people adopt a process which would benefit them in the long run.

AAPNA Solutions offers following process implementations using out of box offerings provided by SharePoint / MOSS:

- Employee Portal
- Document Library / Knowledge Processing
- Other custom solutions

Employee Portal offering includes:

WOW Design
Intranet Portal
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  • The World BankWe thoroughly enjoyed working with you and would highly recommend your services.

    Program Coordinator,
    The World Bank, Washington DC

  • HR CraftAAPNA consistently delivers on timely implementation of planned solutions. Where the team scores, is the extremely high speed with which the team delivers on unplanned requirements.

    HRCraft Consulting Group, USA

  • Win The ViewMy experience with the AAPNA team has been very positive. I feel confident that I've found a web programming partner that will work closely with me to build site functionality.

    President and CEO,
    Digital Action Inc. USA

  • Infopro Worldwide Inc.I would like to say that AAPNA is a really good partner for Infopro Delivery and able to give us an added advantage of providing competetive edge over our comptetiors.

    AVP – Web solutions,
    Infopro Worldwide Inc. USA

  • The World BankWe have been extremely pleased with their knowledge and expertise of IT products and services, high quality of staff, and prompt delivery of output.

    Operations Advisor,
    The World Bank, New Delhi Office

  • Axiom Consulting Group"Doing a good job", "the code is easy to manipulate," "great coding practices."

    Business Head,
    Axiom Consulting Group, USA

  • Iniko IncThanks very much for the excellent work - I really appreciate it.

    Managing Director,
    Iniko Inc. USA